Ensuring that your workplace is Covid-regulation compliant and a trustworthy place to work is an essential ticket to the new game. Getting to the re-start line before anyone else, could be the key to ensuring your business survives the hyper competitive, uncertain times ahead.

To help your business get back to competing legally, safely and smartly, we’ve leveraged our 20 years of workplace design and fit-out experience to create a turnkey, “get back to work” service that you can choose the best options to serve your needs.


Evaluating your current workplace drawings to pinpoint the risk gaps to be addressed in order to provide your staff with a safe working environment.

Understand and evaluate how your organisation functions.

Develop a Space Needs Analysis which will form the framework for your new compliant workplace layout.

Our Engineering Partners, GIBB will assess your current HVAC Systems in order to ascertain the most energy-efficient, ergonomic and cost-effective solutions relating to the HVAC installations, specific to your space. The assessment will be carried out with the view of addressing your specific needs and requirements while also restricting the spread of the virus through the workplace. The necessary recommendations and suggestions will


Our OHS Professional will assist in compiling a Risk Assessment Study pinpointing possible areas of risk which will need to be addressed. This will be accompanied with a start-up guideline to make sure that your organisation covers all eventualities when your staff return to work.

We will provide you with a comprehensive COVID-19 Workplace Strategy guideline Plan which is a Regulation requirement to get back to work. The guideline Plan will include company policies, processes and procedures which will need to be put into place and appropriately documented for your company to remain compliant with the new COVID- 19 Regulations.


We have available a number of recently developed technology solutions which will assist in managing all of the new responsibilities which will come with re-occupying your workplace. These will include CCTV Systems which are capable of identifying people entering your premises with elevated temperatures, whether they are compliant in wearing face masks to non-touch automation of doors, lighting, HVAC systems and all bathroom appliances.

GIBB will advise you on preventative measures such as Sanitisation Tunnels, Spatial Fogging, Spray Systems, and hands free sanitisation solutions for all of the different areas in your workplace. Their H&S practioner will conduct a survey of all areas within your workplace and identify high contact areas where the risk of contamination and transmission thereof can be mitigated and effectively controlled. We can further undertake an indoor air quality survey of the dust particles to assess the particulate matter (pm 2.5).


Our Design Teams will provide you with space planning solutions which will adhere to the regulated social distancing requirements while being cognisant of the fact that workflows and inter department connectivity are vital to the organisations function.

Innovative design will be reinforced with 3D Renders of key areas allowing you to visualise the proposed changes in a photographic format.

Digital samples and mood boards will allow you to visually appreciate the design proposals compiled by the Design Team without needing to physically meet.

Budgets, cost proposals and timelines can all be prepared, shared, and tested remotely.


The next version of your workplace will need to be flexible to adapt to other Black Swan’s, chaos and change that will characterise business in the future. Use our skills to forward think your workplace so that the changes you make now will ensure your future workplace is shock proof.

Our experience and expertise ensures you get best- practise health thinking incorporated into an efficient, effective, and inspiring place to work from.


Founded in 2006, Tower Bridge is a large-scale turnkey office design, fit-out and relocation enterprise.  We’re well-positioned, competently skilled and effectively resourced to empower your organization to unleash the business potential of your workspace. Simply click below and get your workspace legal and your staff back to work.